Border Fountain To Archives Window Bullet Hole Angle
Border Exit Hallway To West Vehicle Exit Spawn Peek
Border Tellers To East Vehicle Entrance Spawn Peek
Border Break Room To West Vehicle Exit Spawn Peek
Using Deployable Shield For Safe Vertical Play
Border Main Hallway To South Balcony Bullet Hole Spawn Peek
Border Exit Hallway To West Vehicle Exit Spawn Peek
Border Archives To Offices Angle
Border Rappel Angle Into Security & Break Room
Border Main Lobby To Armory Lockers Metal Detectors Angle
Border Archives Wall Bang To Vent Window
Unusual Rappel Angles & Vault Spots
Using Bullet Proof Cams As Cover & Angle To Border East Balcony
Border Angles
Border Lobby To Customs Plant Spot Angle (Russian Angle)
Border Archives Pixel Peek & Elevated Fountain Angle To Vent Window
Border Outside Rappel Angle Through Archive To Lockers
Defender Vertical Play On Border (All Sites)
Border Break Room To East Stairs Angle
Border Ventilation Room Shelf Hiding Or Evil Eye Spot
Border Angle From Supply Room To Central Stairs
Border Spawn Peek From Supply Room To Parking Lot Alley
Border Armory Half Wall Angle To Ventilation Window
Parkour Angle Into Fountain From Roof On Border
Holding 2f Main Hallway From Security On Border
Angle From Security To Lockers Half Wall
Border Lockers Parkour Angle To West Balcony
Border Security To Archive Window Angle
Border Security To Valley Spawn Peek Angle
Border Main Hallway To Valley Spawn Peek
Angle From Lockers To Archives Window On Border
Server Room Mirror Counter From Outside Rappel On Border
High Shelf Hiding Spot In Workshop On Border
Security To West Vehicle Exit Spawn Peek On Border
Ventilation Room To West Vehicle Exit Spawn Peek On Border
Break Room To Valley Spawn Peek On Border
Office To East Vehicle Entrance Spawn Peek On Border
Tellers To Pedestrian Entrance Stairs Spawn Peek On Border
Passport To Pedestrian Entrance Stairs Spawn Peek On Border
Desk Elevation In Server Room On Border
Lockers Parkour Angle
Border Office To Archive Angle With Printer Cover
Border Office Desk Pixel Angle To Fountain
Border Angle From Tank To Armory Lockers
Armory Lockers Hiding Spot (Secure Area Only)
Security Room To Main Hallway Murder Hole
Parkour Angle To Cover Supply Room Defuser Spot
Border Security Room To Vents Angle
Capitao Asphyxiation Bolt Setups
Truck Parkour And Angle To Offices And Armory
Break Room Vending Machine Hiding Spot
Spawn Kill From Hallway
Customs Angle
Useful Grenade Angle
Office To Main Lobby Angle
Border Parkour Wall Run
Another Way To Use A Hatch
Quick Rotation Hole
Sneaky Murder Hole To Security Room
Offices To Archives Angle
The Shield Of Death
No Entrance Here
West Balcony Angle Into Workshop
Common Angle Evolved
Rotation cut off from East Balcony
Capitao Bullet Hole Bolts
Better Spawn Peek From Archives
Ash & Zofia Bullet Hole Trick
Border Security Detention Vertical Play
Border Ventilation Lockers Vertical Play
Border Exit Hallway Lockers Vertical Play
Border Security Supply Room Vertical Play
Archives To Top Of Central Stairs Angle
Pixel Into Archives
Long Office Angle
Bathroom To Central Stairs Angle
Archives To Offices Vault
Insane Border Angle Into Offices
Long Prefire On Border
Always Prefire Here
Easy Wallbang Spot
Lockers To East Balcony Angle