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General FAQ

What is this website?

There is a lot of Rainbow Six Siege information out there but it isn't very well organised. This website adds tags to Youtube content allowing you to filter information based on your current interest. These filters can be as broad or narrow as you want. Maybe you just want some new information on Coastline. Or maybe you want to know all the best Maestro spots on the Consulate garage. By combining tags in your search you find anything you want.

What does the padlock button do on the video controls?

Some of the guides are sections of larger videos (usually a tips and tricks video). They are split into individual guides for tagging. If you would prefer to watch the source video in it's entirety just click the padlock button and the progress bar will change to cover the whole video. You can also click on the YouTube button to go directly to the video.

The trick in one of the guides no longer works?

With Siege getting regular updates sometimes information will become outdated. Unfortunately I don't have the time to check everything on here so I will have to rely on your reports. Please let me know so I can remove it.

Contributing To The Site FAQ

Can I add new guides?

Yes. As of time of writing I've added all the guides myself. It isn't difficult to do but can be time consuming to do en masse. If you're watching a video and think it has information that isn't already on here please consider tagging and submitting it.

How should I tag tips & tricks videos with lots of different information?

Each tip or trick is treated as an individual guide, so add the start and end time of that tip or trick when submitting.

Can I add new tags?

No, but if you think a new tag is needed say so in your notes and I'll consider adding it. It's very possible I may have just forgotten to add it.

How should I title my videos?

I'd prefer titles to be short and descriptive. Please avoid clickbaity or vague titles. For example, use "Break Room To Lockers Angle" rather than "200 IQ Insane Angle".

Please capitalize the first letter of each word to keep things standardized (That includes words like "the" and "to"). Titles must be in English, but you can use both English and American spelling.

Don't feel like you need to duplicate the information in a tag. You don't need to mention the map name if it's in the tag (although you can if you want to). The title should ideally add information that can't be inferred from the tags alone.

How do we avoid duplicate information? What if I feel I have a better guide to one that already exists?

Before you submit a guide please have a search using the tags you plan to use to see if the same video or information is already on the site.

Some information is okay to have duplicates of. For example, operator guides and map strategies are quite broad in their information so it's okay to have different takes on those as each video will probably have slightly different info or focus on different areas. If a guide is showing an angle, drone spot, cam spot etc. then there is no need to show it twice.

If you feel that your guide covers something already covered here, but does a better job say so in your notes and I'll consider using it instead.

What information won't you accept?

This site is for information to help people improve at Siege, so no pure gameplay footage will be accepted. No game news will be accepted either.

Information that is out of date won't be accepted, although there are exceptions. Operator guides and strategies that are out of date but still have useful information will be accepted. Tips and tricks that no longer work will not be. Guides based on Bartlett are accepted as it can still be played on custom, but old Hereford can't and doesn't look like it will ever return so it will be rejected.

Guides on how to use game breaking glitches like the Jager head shield glitch, invisibility glitch, or Oregon washing machine glitch will not be accepted.

How many tags should I use?

Use as many as you need, but if you find you're using a lot then you may want to consider breaking the video into a series of smaller guides.

For some videos such as operator guides and strategies it doesn't always make sense to break them up into multiple guides, and if you tagging everything in it would be too much. For operators guides just tag the operator, their gadget and abilities, weapons, and possibly a couple more relevant ones depending in the video. For strategies, tag the map, site, game mode, recommended operators, and site rooms.

Look at how other guides are tagged for examples.

Can I submit non-YouTube videos?

No, because the website uses features in the Youtube API and most content is there already I'll only be accepting Youtube content for now.

I am a content creator. Can I submit my own videos?

Yes, you're very welcome to do so.