What is this website?

There is a lot of Rainbow Six Siege information out there but it isn't very well organised. This website adds tags to Youtube content allowing you to filter information based on your current interest. These filters can be as broad or narrow as you want. Maybe you just want some new information on Coastline. Or maybe you want to know all the best Maestro spots on the Consulate garage. By combining tags in your search you find anything you want.

What does the padlock button do on the video controls?

Some of the guides are sections of larger videos (usually a tips and tricks video). They are split into individual guides for tagging. If you would prefer to watch the source video in it's entirety just click the padlock button and the progress bar will change to cover the whole video. You can also click on the YouTube button to go directly to the video.

The trick in one of the guides no longer works?

With Siege getting regular updates sometimes information will become outdated. Unfortunately I don't have the time to check everything on here so I will have to rely on your reports. There is a report button on all of the videos. Please let me know so I can remove it.