Consulate Visa Entrance Vertical Angle
Capitao Bolts To Consulate Garage From Outside
How To Buck/sledge From Below On ESLMaps Part 1
How To Buck/Sledge From Below On ESL Maps Part 2
Clearing Consulate Private Bathroom Anchor Spot From Outside
Consulate Vertical Angle From Upper Spiral Stairs To Basement Spiral Stairs Door
Consulate Service Stairs To Office Hatch Angle
Consulate Angle From Cafeteria To Upper Yellow Stairs
Clear Consul Office Anchor Spot From Outside On Consulate
Consulate Mute Jammer Spots
How To Play Buck When Attacking Consulate Garage
Angle To Antechamber Window From Meeting On Consulate
Consulate Waiting Room Mirror Counter
Mute Jam Cafeteria Hatch On Consulate
Press Room To Yellow Stairs Frag Grenade On Consulate
Frag Grenade From East Corridor Or Tellers To Break Room On Consulate
Opening Lines Of Sight To Consul Office From Press Room On Consulate
Opening Lines Of Sight To Garage Cafeteria On Consulate
Mute Jam Yellow Stairs On Consulate
C4 Entire Lobby From Two Hatches
Mute Guide Episode 3
Capitao Asphyxiation Bolt Setups
West Front Yard To Garage Angle
Nitro Underneath While You Spot From Above
Holding Visa Entrance From Below
Holding Visa From Admin Office
Holding Lobby From Meeting Room Or Holding Defuser
Holding Press Room Window From Consul Office
Hold Consul Office Windows From Belowang
Second Floor Hallway To Lobby Defuser Hold
Waiting Room To Cafeteria Defuser Hold
Consul Office To Garage Defuser Hold
Vertical Play From Visa To Archives
Press Room To Consul Office Vertical Play
Vertical Play On Basement Site
The Pro League Mute Setup
Vertical Angle From Press Room
Vertical Angle For Archives Defence
Clever Angle From Office
Multiple Angles Into Bomb Site
Crazy Angle With Alibi Bait
Default Angle To Deny Entry Plant
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Mute From Below
Waiting Room Mira Counter
Vertical Mute Jammer